Mary Lambert’s fans fund her new EP Bold!

Mary Lambert was an amazing artist to work with and record for The Kate S2, it’s easy to see how her new EP Bold was completely funded by her fans. Mary began crowdfunding for her Bold shortly after recording her episode for The Kate. It took just eight hours to reach her goal of $20,000 to fund the project. By the end of the campaign, more than 1,600 people pledged more than $68,000.

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The Kate, Season 2 Premiere

The Kate, Season 2 offers up the irrepressible Jane Lynch; the unstoppable Darlene Love, “designated” country star Kiefer Sutherland; the outspoken and delightful singer-songwriter Mary Lambert; legendary tap dancer and performer Maurice Hines; and American music royalty Rosanne Cash with John Leventhal.

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