Another Show in the Books!

Jarrod Spector and Kelli Barrett took us on quite the musical journey through their love story last week, and it couldn’t have been better!  “Look at it My Way” is a deeply personal account of the two Broadway stars’ (sometimes agonizing, if you ask Jarrod) evolution from mere costars to the loves of each other’s lives.  While the road to love may have been a bumpy one, it only took one look at these two together to see the love is real and this is not JUST another cabaret act!  A metaphor for seeing each other through the other’s eyes, they intend the show to depict “everyone’s story,” “a human experience” that people can relate to in their own lives.  Well, we believe they accomplished just that and may have made believers out of the rest of us!

Stay tuned for Jarrod and Kelli’s “Look at it My Way,” which will air as part of Season 3 of The Kate in the Spring of 2018!

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